The Global Guardians: Fighting COVID-19 in a favela
Global Stringer
South America;Brazil

Paraisopolis, one of the largest favelas in Brazil, has more than 100,000 people without any government assistance. There are lots of small alleys and houses built on top of each other, which makes it hard for medical services to reach some areas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rescuing infected people is a challenge.

Gilson Rodrigues is a community leader in Paraisopolis. He said that ambulances do not come to the area, which means if a quick response saves lives, people in Paraisopolis have a lower chance of survival. Therefore, he and several doctors and nurses formed a seven-person rescue team and hired three ambulances to save lives in Paraisopolis.

Enderson Matos has been a nurse for 15 years and is currently part of a frontline rescue team in the favela. He left his home and family to work on the front line saving people's lives. He said, "I'm not afraid of the coronavirus, that is my mission."