Commerce Ministry addresses China's medical supply exports and holiday consumption
By Wang Hui

China has never limited the exports of medical supplies, nor stored a large amount of them, said Gao Feng, spokesman for Chinese Commerce Ministry, at today's press briefing.

Gao said that the channel for exporting medical products is unimpeded. China didn't allow the exports of those products that don't meet the standards of China, or of the receiving countries, but the channels of exporting qualified ones is unblocked.

Since the end of March, Beijing has published two notices on ensuring the quality of medical supply exports. It has put both medical-purposes masks and non-medical purpose ones, and other medical products under oversight.

From March 1 to May 6, China has sold medical supplies to 194 countries and regions, among which the governments of 77 countries and regions, and six international organizations have signed contracts on 216 patches of medical products with China. The governments of another 71 countries and regions and eight international organizations are negotiating with Chinese companies on 128 patches of medical supplies' purchases. China's exporting of medical supplies has been increased since April 1, according to Gao.

Life tops everything. The quality of medical supplies affect the lives and health of world's people. China has been finding ways to satisfy international community's increasing demands of medical supplies, while strengthening the control and oversight on the quality of those products, added Gao

Meanwhile, the Commerce Ministry says the consumption market showed an obvious recovery. It released consumption figures covering the just finished five-day Labor Day holiday. The daily average retail sales among key retail companies, went down by 6.7 percent from a year ago, but increased by 32 percent over the last three-day holiday, Tomb-Sweeping Day, a month ago.

During the Labor Day holiday, on-line sales saw a rapid growth. More than 100 e-commerce companies held promotions during the holiday, and the sales of some of the major ones went up by more than 30 percent from a year ago. The sales of food and beverages, and the accommodation industries, climbed by 20 and 15 percent respectively, compared with the last Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday. The sales of many everyday items also rebounded quickly and topped figures from the Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday. Household electricity appliances were up 70 percent, articles for daily use up 54 percent, cosmetics gained by 40 percent and clothing sales rose by 30 percent.