Over 3,300 crested ibises now in Shaanxi Province

The population of crested ibises in Shaanxi Province has exceeded 3,300 for the first time in nearly 40 years. The range of activities of the bird has spread from about five square kilometers to more than 15,000 square kilometers.

In 1981, the last seven wild crested ibises in the world were found in Yangxian County. Due to the loss of habitat, the bird was nearing extinction in the last century.

Through the habitat restoration and artificial breeding, the population of the crested ibis rebounded. Other measures are also improving the living environment of the crested ibis.

The bird is now gradually spreading all over the country and is in areas such as Henan and Zhejiang Provinces.

The increase in the number of crested ibis marks the improvement of a region's forest and wetland ecosystem.

(All photos via VCG)

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