China-Europe trains deliver epidemic prevention supplies
By Chen Jiaye

With Europe still struggling to control its coronavirus cases, protective gear is badly needed. The first of a series of the trains carrying such supplies have left China, bound for countries like Serbia.

It's yet another lifeline between China and Europe.

Reports say this train is the first to carry epidemic prevention and control resources between the two places, and the 15th since epidemic prevention and control started.

Much of Europe continues to struggle with its COVID-19 cases, and urgently needs masks, protective gear, and the like.

Staffs carry the supplies for the China-Europe freight train. /CGTN

Staffs carry the supplies for the China-Europe freight train. /CGTN

In March and April, China railway authorities sent a total of 660,000 pieces and 3,142 tons of supplies to Europe via the China-Europe freight train.

Guo Ruorui, deputy general manager of Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistic Co., Ltd said, at present, due to the difficulty in finding space and the high rates for air and sea freight, the China-Europe freight train has become a major cargo line from China to Europe and is operating in a stable manner."

It is reported that this batch of goods included those purchased by the Serbian side in China, and those donated by China to the Serbian side.

Upon arrival in Belgrade, the supplies will be distributed across Serbia for epidemic prevention and control.

Many in Serbia are hopeful for an early arrival of these supplies.

"It has three implications. Firstly, it continues the core friendship between China and Serbia. Secondly, the two countries have enhanced practical cooperation under the Belt and Road framework. Finally, it also shows that Wuhan has made good progress in pandemic prevention and the resumption of work and production," according to Li Zhenhan, deputy commissioner, Hankou Customs of Wuhan Customs.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a global logistical bottleneck and a contraction in global trade.

In order to ensure the safe and punctual arrival of the special trains, railway departments have strengthened coordination, and worked closely with customs departments and relevant enterprises, to ensure that supplies are delivered to their destinations as quickly as possible. 

(Cover photo: Wuhan-Belgrade freight train/CGTN)