Rare Animals in China: A squirrel that's almost 1 meter long

The CGTN Nature film crew met a squirrel in Yunnan Province, southwest China. It was ordinary to see squirrels everywhere; the thing is, the squirrel was even larger than their camera lens: 


The black giant squirrel is indeed a rodent; but it looks almost as big as a monkey. In fact, it is bigger than many monkeys: the black giant squirrel has a head-and-body length of 34-37 centimeters, the tail is 41-42 centimeters long, and weighs around 1.05-1.25 kilograms. 

Endemic to south and southeast Asia, the black giant squirrel can be found in forests in several provinces in south China. As forests are shrinking in many areas, the arboreal animal is losing its habitats. It has been evaluated as "near threatened" by IUCN Red List; and is under second-class protection in China. 

About Rare Animals in China

How many rare animals in China can you list? The panda, red panda, snub-nosed monkey, snow leopard... We want to make sure you can name 100 – or more.

China is home to rich biodiversity. This series focuses on the rare animals that inhabit China and under national protection. They need us, and the first step of protection is to know who they are.

(Images credit to CGTN Nature film crew. Cover picture is a stillshot of the video, designed by CGTN's Chen Yuyang)

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