Tulip: Bright and colorful blossom that never disappoints you
By Xu Chenlu

When mentioning the Netherlands, a cup-shaped flower usually jumps into people's minds immediately. That is the tulip, which is known as the national flower of country of Netherlands. In fact, this flower not only grows in Netherlands, but also the rest of the world for its beautiful, showy blossoms with hundreds of cultivars that can fulfill all the requirements of flower lovers.

Wild tulip is believed to grow in Tian Shan Mountains, and was cultivated in Istanbul in 1055. Since the seventeenth century, it has been widely naturalized and cultivated. Now, there are thousands of hybrid and cultivars of tulip in addition to the original species around the world with different colors and patterns, usually are cultivated as ornamental plants and cut flowers. In China, it can be found in provinces including Sichuan and Yunnan.

Colorful tulips blooming in garden. /VCG

Colorful tulips blooming in garden. /VCG

Usually, growing tulips is not difficult, as long as these requirements are fulfilled. Pick a sunny site where there's good drainage soil, and dig a hole about 30 centimetres deep to put your bulb in. Depending on the local climate, gardeners may choose different cultivars to grow. Tulip will do best in full sun and can tolerate coolness. It does not like too much heat, so if the summer in your area is hot and humid, you can choose to grow it indoors instead.

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