Answer Bank: Tips for protecting yourself from coronavirus in hotel rooms
Updated 15:47, 11-May-2020

The tourism industry has been hit by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic globally.  

However, for those who have to stay in hotels during the pandemic, it's important to take protective measures. So how can you protect yourself from coronavirus after checking in to your hotel? Just follow these tips:

1. Disinfect room surfaces that are frequently touched, such as the bathroom sink, light switches, lamp switches and remote control. 

2. Open windows to ensure air circulation.

3. Keep social distance and wear a mask when talking to others, since the COVID-19 virus is commonly contracted through human-to-human contact, according to the National Health Commission of China and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



4. Remove the comforter or blanket to avoid potential infection. It's hard to know how often hotels wash their comforters and blankets, or how often they use of disinfectants in the wash. Bring a sleeping bag if possible.

5. Wash your hands on arriving in the room. You may have touched the elevator button, door handles or other public facilities on the way up, so it's safer to wash your hands before you do anything else. 

Hotels need to take corresponding measures, such as paying close attention to staff members' health status, using one-off disinfection tableware, and reducing gathering activities.