China's Jilin City tightens COVID-19 control measures
Updated 18:12, 13-May-2020

The vice mayor of northeast China's Jilin City, the second-largest city in Jilin Province, said Wednesday the current COVID-19 situation is quite complex and the city will implement closed-off management of residential communities to tighten prevention and control measures in the region.

On Tuesday, six new cases were reported in Jilin City, all were domestically transmitted. The new cases could be traced directly to one confirmed case in Shulan City, where an infection cluster was previously reported.

The vice mayor added that Jilin will take control measures in line with the high-risk standard. The city's Fengman District is a medium-risk area, while Shulan, the county-level city administrated by the city of Jilin, remains a high-risk area.

Starting Wednesday, all gathering activities inside and outside of schools are banned in the city. These activities include teaching, training, holding exams, competitions and other school-related activities. All the students that returned to school earlier have to take all classes online.

As of Tuesday, a total of 114 domestic and 19 imported cases were reported in the province, according to the provincial health authority. 

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