30 million juvenile crabs released into Bosten Lake

Thirty million juvenile Chinese mitten crabs were released into the Bosten Lake during the fishing moratorium. The moratorium in the lake lasts from March 1 to June 20.

Bosten Lake is one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China, an important reed production area and the largest fishery production area in the country's northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Because juvenile crabs can't breed locally, they are brought in from other regions every spring. This year, they are mainly from Qidong City, east China's Jiangsu Province.

The introduction of juvenile crabs will alleviate the lack of natural reproduction, provide sufficient food for the fish, improve water quality, and increase fishermen's income.

The Xiangsi Lake is a tributary lake of Bosten Lake, with a total area of ​​50.68 square kilometers. Now is the peak season for waterbirds to spawn and breed. Because of the improved environment and a large amount of fish available, the Xiangsi Lake National Wetland Park has become a paradise for waterbirds, with nearly 200 species living in the park.

(All images via VCG)

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