Artists raise pandemic awareness with 'Safety Match' animation
Updated 17:25, 29-May-2020
By Louisa Lee

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we appreciate art, forcing art galleries, institutions, and exhibitions to temporarily close its doors. But creativity cannot be interrupted. CGTN's Louisa Lee speaks with an artist-couple based in Los Angeles whose matchstick animation videos have gone viral online with millions of "likes," and have also increased the awareness of COVID-19 exponentially.

The coronavirus-inspired "Safety Match" video, created by Juan Delcan and Valentina Izaguirre, has garnered immeasurable attention from medical experts and netizens, including celebrities like Olivia Wilde, sharing and reposting it online.

The message of physical distancing in "Safety Match" animation is loud and clear. With a matchstick stepping out of the line of fire, the 12-second video indicates that people can stop the spread by staying at home or practicing social distancing.

The couple expresses their gratitude toward the frontline medical heroes, saying that it gives them joy, knowing that they can help through their creation.

The matchstick videos started two years ago, depicting everyday situations in a lighthearted manner. With the success of "Safety Match," their creativity continues to expand, with playfulness ingrained in all of them.

Check out the video above for the full interview and more about their lively animation.