Fine jade flower: A born 'flower arranger'
By Xu Chenlu

Flower arrangement is a skill that many gardeners hope to acquire. There is an inexplicable joy in picking flowers from one's own gardens and arranging them in vases. However, this skill is not limited to humans – some plants are gifted with the innate ability to do so themselves. The fine jade flower is one of them.

Fine jade flower is a wild species of the Viburnum macrocephalum, commonly known as the Chinese snowball flower. Different from the macrocephalum that produces mature flowers, the fine jade flower plant displays both fertile and non-fertile flowers like a lace hat, as if someone had intentionally arranged them in that way.

With a long history of cultivation and appreciation, the fine jade flower thrives in eastern and southern China. Actually, the original fine jade flower species was once extinct. The prevalent specie was planted as a replacement of the original one.

Pristine white flowers blossom in April-May, and even early June when it's cool. If you want to grow in your garden, make sure it's well shaded, especially in the afternoon. Provide it with moist but well-drained soil, and remember to shelter it from cold, dry winds.

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