Power workers in E China build 'toilets' for rare birds

Power workers in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu have been installing "toilets" for Oriental storks nesting on transmission towers.

The rare birds' droppings, contain acidic materials, can potentially endanger the structure, leading to electrical accidents. If they fall on insulators, the feces could cause the circuit breaker to trip, basically cutting off the power flow. The "toilets" are boards placed under each nest to catch the storks' excrement.

On Thursday, power workers in Gaoyou City climbed 55 meters on high-voltage towers while carrying boards weighing over 10 kg to install.

They discovered some nests in April, but after consulting conservation organizations, they decided to wait for a month for the chicks to hatch before taking to the power poles.

So far, 28 toilets have been installed in Gaoyou, with more expected soon.

More storks have been nesting in Gaoyou in recent years. This season, 120 chicks are expected to hatch there.

Birds do not usually excrete in their nests for cleanness, but droppings could end up around their homes as they sometimes excrete with their vents facing out while standing in their nests.

(Cover image via VCG)

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