Story of Fighting COVID-19: The psychologists of Wuhan
Updated 11:14, 19-May-2020
Global Stringer

Wang Yi is a psychologist living in Wuhan, where COVID-19 was first reported. She and her team have been providing counseling services for those suffering from the virus, be it themselves or their loved ones. In this video, Wang talks about what it was like during the most difficult time of the outbreak. In February, when new confirmed cases increased rapidly in Wuhan, Wang had to work overnight to help soothe the mood of patients. Even though she could have been infected, she still chose to work in quarantine hospitals. To support as many people as she can, Wang also live-streamed tips on how to keep mentally balanced through the pandemic. Now the worst is over, she gets much fewer calls from the patients, but she knows that's the sign the city is gradually returning to normal.