China to continue support Myanmar, Bangladesh in fighting COVID-19
Updated 22:58, 20-May-2020

China will continue to support Myanmar and Bangladesh to fight the COVID-19 pandemic at its best in terms of medical supplies and teams of medics based on their needs, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday during separate phone calls with Myanmar's President U Win Myint and Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Xi pointed out that the government of Myanmar and various sectors of its society have supported China during the most crucial time of China's fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

China has also donated a number of anti-epidemic medical materials to Myanmar and sent two batches of medical experts to fight side by side with Myanmar's medical staff, and China will continue to provide firm support and help within its capabilities based on Myanmar's needs.

Xi stressed that this year marks the 70th anniversary of China and Myanmar's diplomatic relations, noting that he visited Myanmar in January and hopes that these two countries can work closely to implement the results of the visit.

He said that they should make good use of the mechanism of joint prevention and control of border areas between the two countries, and make an overall plan to maintain the state of peace, carry out prevent and control measures, and resume work and production in their border areas.

The two sides should steadily promote exchanges and cooperation in various fields and make progress in China-Myanmar Economic Corridor projects, Xi added.

Win Myint said he agrees with Xi and, recognizes China's achievements in virus containment and appreciates China's help to other countries that include Myanmar.

The Myanmar president stressed that the country will continue to firmly support the one-China policy, and deepen their cooperation in various fields to advance the China-Myanmar Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership.

Chinese medical experts arrive in Myanmar to aid coronavirus epidemic response. /CCTV

Chinese medical experts arrive in Myanmar to aid coronavirus epidemic response. /CCTV

In phone calls with both Win Myint and Hasina, Xi underlined the importance to foster international virus control efforts under the leadership of the World Health Organization(WHO) to safeguard the global health.

In the phone call with Hasina, the Chinese president stressed that China opposes any acts of interfering in international anti-COVID-19 efforts and compromising the world's efforts against the pandemic, especially in developing countries.

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At present, the epidemic situation in South Asia is developing, and the task of prevention and control is still arduous, Xi pointed out.

Based on Bangladesh's needs, China will continue to provide firm support and help within its capabilities for Bangladesh's anti-pandemic efforts, and will send a medical expert group to Bangladesh in the near future.

Xi said that China and Bangladesh are historically friendly neighbors and both sides are important cooperative partners, and they should deepen their cooperation and continue to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative.

On the premise of ensuring prevention and control measures in place, China is willing to work with Bangladesh to gradually resume cooperation in carrying out key projects, and lay a good foundation for both sides to expand cooperation in various fields after the pandemic ends.

Hasina said that the friendship between China and Bangladesh is profound, noting that Xi's successful state visit to Bangladesh in 2016 have pushed the bilateral relations to a new height.

China's valuable support and help have enhanced Bangladesh's capability in conducting prevention and control work for which Bangladesh is deeply grateful, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister said.

Bangladesh will provide assistance to Chinese citizens in Bangladesh, and work with China to jointly construct the Belt and Road Initiative as well as promote their strategic cooperative partnership, Hasina added.