CPPCC member Wang Xiaochuan: AI helps channel medical resources down to community level
Updated 11:43, 28-May-2020
By Wang Mengjie

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into our lives, affecting how we live, work and entertain ourselves.

From voice-powered personal assistants to self-driving vehicles, there are several examples and applications of artificial intelligence in use today.

But what exactly is AI? Wang Xiaochuan, a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), China's top political advisory body and CEO of Sogou Inc, sat down with CGTN to explain the technology.

Sogou also co-developed an AI 3D news anchor which utilizes "multi-modal recognition and synthesis, facial recognition, and animation and transfer learning."

"From an academic point of view, AI is a machine's ability to select, practice and synthesize, which can be developed into a reasoning skill," Wang noted. 

"So, the definition of AI would be a little bit different from what the public thinks. They think AI is just high-tech, which can solve problems that couldn't be solved before, or a different kind of interface."

With technology being a cornerstone of China's fight against COVID-19, Wang told CGTN that he believed AI-based companies should be given opportunities to contribute to emergencies and various areas of society.


Wang also answered quick-fire questions about himself and his entrepreneurial philosophy.

Why AI matters to China?

AI is an inevitable process of the further development of new-generation information technology (IT), also a global concerned direction of deep integration of IT and economic and social development. 

China highly values AI development and seriously invests in developing a new generation of AI technologies. 

In 2017, the State Council issued a plan for new generation AI development. The plan said AI industry should become a major new growth engine. 

China has seen encouraging growth in the new generation AI sector, thanks to nationwide joint efforts to facilitate its growth. 

Besides, the country has set up a batch of new generation AI innovative development pilot zones, which target pilot projects and boost industrial upgrading through AI-tech. 

Furthermore, China is active in boosting AI ethical governance. The country highlights the development of responsible AI-techs, through moves such as setting up a national specialized committee and issuing principles on new generation AI ethical governance.

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