My Vlog: How can I get a delivery in 21 minutes?
Updated 19:08, 24-May-2020

After being postponed for over two months, China's long-awaited Two Sessions are finally being convened in Beijing. People may ask if the ongoing Two Sessions or the current COVID-19 situation will influence normal life in Beijing?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people spent most of their time at home. Online businesses and delivery services thrived, helping residents to get their daily necessities without leaving their homes. This was possible because lots of deliverymen and postmen did not stop working. Instead, the couriers adopted strict prevention and control measures to deliver packages safely and fast.

After online viewers asked me how to get a delivery from the supermarket in China in 30 minutes, I decided to do an experiment to record how residents in China shop online from a nearby supermarket and see how long it would take to get the package.

"Open the mobile application, add your daily groceries to the shopping cart, pay the bill and wait for the deliverymen," this is the basic procedure to complete the whole process. While waiting, you can get real-time data on your mobile app, such as the status and location of the package and deliveryman.

Experiment result: The entire process took 21 minutes, from my payment to the phone call from the deliveryman to collect the ordered items.

The entire delivery process took 21 minutes. / CGTN Photo

The entire delivery process took 21 minutes. / CGTN Photo

In China, the delivery service industry goes far beyond food. You can get different types of products from daily groceries to non-food items like household appliances, electronic products and daily necessities. People can download different mobile applications to order daily groceries from nearby supermarkets and get products with real-time tracking, which can provide consumers with a specific delivery time. People can also shop from different online vendors across the nation and get the delivery with real-time data. 

Reporter: Zang Shijie

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