German chipmaker Infineon committed to providing safer semiconductor technologies in China
Updated 19:42, 26-May-2020
By Zhang Xinyuan

Infineon Technologies believes the short-term challenges from COVID-19 and geopolitical risks will not affect the company's long-term plan and strategy in China, said Su Hua, president of Infineon Technologies China.

Having been in the Chinese market for 25 years, the German chipmaker has witnessed double-digit annual growth for the past 10 years and remains committed to growing with China and providing safer and greener innovative semiconductor technologies.

Following are excerpts from CGTN's interview with Su, where he shares his confidence in China's economy and how the company helped to fight the pandemic.

CGTN: Is your company still confident in China's economy in light of the coronavirus pandemic?

Su: The coronavirus brings some short-term economic disruptions, but I believe in the resilience of the Chinese economy.

As the second-largest economy in the world, its market potential could not be under-estimated.

As a global leader in semiconductors, Infineon's China business is a valuable part of our global business. Since entering the market in 1995, Infineon experienced double-digit annual growth in the past 10 years.

As the country is further opening itself and continuously making significant contributions to innovation and digital transformation, it will create fruitful business opportunities for both domestic and foreign enterprises. We view the future of the Chinese market with great optimism.

Though the coronavirus outbreak brings us short-term challenges, it will not affect our long-term plan and strategy in the local market. We are confident in our continued growth and remain committed to making people's life easier, safer and greener with innovative semiconductor technologies.

CGTN: How did Infineon overcome the disruptions brought by the pandemic?

Su: The semiconductor industry is considered to be one of the most complex industries, whose supply chain network is distributed all over the world.

With all the efforts taken and also the great support from local government, Infineon became very first company in Wuxi, where our production facilities are located, to resume operation.

At the end of February, more than 95 percent of our frontline employees already returned to the workplace, and we have restored production to pre-coronavirus outbreak levels. For non-frontline employees across the country, we adopted work from home policy to make sure all of them are fully supported.

The coronavirus outbreak put the Chinese society and the economy to the test, and we are impressed by China's perseverance and determination to contain the outbreak. Infineon is also committed to assisting this effort with all we can. We also collaborated with relevant charity organizations in a united effort to help overcome this crisis with a donation of two million yuan.

(Video edited by CGTN's Yu Yingtian)