NPC deputies refute U.S. false accusations on COVID-19 pandemic


The ongoing "Two Sessions" in China is not only an opportunity for representatives to make important decisions for the country but also a platform for them to voice their opinions on current affairs.

Chinese lawmakers have expressed frustrations with false accusations from the U.S. claiming China should pay for the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has swept across the whole world killing hundreds of thousands.

China tried its best to be open, transparent and responsible during the outbreak and took the strongest measures it could. It's quite ridiculous to say China not being transparent led to the late response by the U.S. government, said NPC deputy Zheng Shuna, a law expert from Shandong.

U.S. accusations are politically motivated and not truthful, said deputy Xu Anbiao, another law expert from Hubei. He also said some of his U.S. counterparts are shifting the focus to China in hopes that Americans will forget their own government's incompetence.

Deputy Yu Zhigang, a professor from China University of Political Science and Law, echoed Xu's opinion, adding that the U.S. blame game tarnished international law.

Some U.S. senators and representatives are spreading a political virus, said deputy Chen Fuli, a business law expert.