Annie Wu: National security legislation will not undermine HK as a financial hub
The Point with Liu Xin

"I don't think Hong Kong will be affected in terms of being the center for a financial hub, a center for free enterprise. Rather, if we don't contain the violence and riots through the national security legislation, foreign businesses will not bear to come back to Hong Kong," said Annie Wu Suk-Ching, a Hong Kong entrepreneur and supervising advisor of the Hong Kong Federation of Women. From 2003 to 2018, Ms. Wu was also a member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body.

Following a proposed draft on the Chinese national legislature's national security legislation for the HKSAR, violent protesters have returned to the streets of Hong Kong in recent days. And as Hong Kong's Legislative Council is set to resume its second reading of the national anthem bill on May 27th, authorities worry that violence will continue.


As Hong Kong's Secretary of Justice Teresa Cheng wrote on her blog on Sunday that upholding national sovereignty is the duty of each and every national. When there is no country, there is no home. These are basic principles that any right-minded person will agree with. To blindly vilify laws relating to national security are totally irrational.

Wu believes that those against the national security law, for example, people from certain professional boards in the legal profession or social work, are looking at the law and the different perspectives. There are also some young students who are misled and have no idea about Hong Kong's return to China. These people represent the minority. The majority of Hong Kong people, the average person on the street, would like to have the national security law enacted to have law and order back. They wish to have a chance to do business properly.


Looking back in history, Wu believes that since first HKSAR Chief Executive Mr. Tung Chee-hwa took down Article 23 of the Basic Law, which seeked to ban acts of treason, subversion, sedition, and theft of state secrets, we've seen disturbances in Hong Kong's Legislative Council and the whole legal system. Wu warns that Hong Kong is going down the drain very quickly and calls for the central government to back up the HKSAR government. "We should introduce anything, the sooner, the better. And not waste time," she said.

However, Wu's not optimistic that Hong Kong will be in a period of peace and calm for the next six months or maybe even one year. But she believes we still have to go for the turbulent in order to achieve order and security in the long run.

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