Black storks, great crested grebes appear on Sanggan River

In the upper reaches of the Sanggan River, at a swamp in the Taipingyao Reservoir, 21 black storks have appeared. The black stork is under first-class protection in China. The staff of the Forestry Administration will observe these birds and provide help if necessary.

On the Qilihe River, a tributary of the Sanggan River, two great crested grebes are hatching their eggs. They are building a floating nest with the leaves of aquatic plants, as they produce heat when fermenting, which helps the hatching.

The local government of Shuozhou City in north China's Shanxi Province has cleaned the Sanggan River and restored the surrounding environment, which has attracted more and more migrant birds. In addition to black storks and great crested grebes, wild birds such as swans, relict gulls, herons, and mallards also stop here.

(All images via VCG)

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