Answer Bank: Can I get coronavirus from deliveries?
By Li Zhao

These days people can get almost everything through the internet, and during the coronavirus outbreak, online shopping has become a lifeline for many.

But then there is the question, can I get coronavirus from the packages I receive? 

The possibility of the packages being contaminated during the delivery process is very low and therefore, it is very unlikely that one will get it from the packages. 

But still, we do know that the virus can live on surfaces for hours or even several days.

So just to be 100 percent safe, here are some tips when you are bringing packages into your home.

First, you'll need a specific area for disinfection, so basically "a dirty area." And you want to do all the cleaning in the same place.

Then, make sure to put on disposable gloves, so that you don't need to touch the boxes directly. 

Next, use disinfectant wipes, or any household cleaner, to wipe out the boxes.

Once you are done, be careful of how you take the gloves off, don't touch the side that you've just used in contact with the delivery boxes.

One last thing, wash your hands one more time. 

(Video produced by Wang Zeyu; filmed by Fu Gaoliang; edited by Lu Chang)

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