Ministry of Education: Delayed College English Tests to be held twice

China's Ministry of Education announced on Friday to hold the delayed College English Test Band 4 (CET-4) and Band 6 (CET-6) twice, on July 11 and September 19, respectively.

The two tests were usually held twice in June and December of a year. But the examinations of June 13 were postponed this year due to coronavirus.

The ministry required colleges and universities to submit examination applications to provincial examination institutions based on the local school reopening situation and the local epidemic prevention requirements, and hold the examinations for once or twice in their campus after approval.

According to the spokesperson, the tests held in July are to meet the urgent need of the students seeking a job or going to graduate school.

Recently, some colleges and universities in low-risk regions gradually reopen, but some of them may not have all their students return before September. The tests will be held twice to let as many students as possible have the same opportunities in the examinations, said the spokesperson.

But to ensure fairness, a candidate can only take part in the same-level test for once.

The ministry did not say whether or not the examinations of December will be held as usual this year.

(Cover image: Students take an examination. /VCG)