Beijing dance studio resumes business
By Du Zhuoran, Li Da

Established two years ago, 505 Dance Studio now has more than 300 students. Like other small entertainment venues in Beijing, it is also a victim of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The studio's founder, Yang Tianxiao, told CGTN that her establishment was supposed to open on February 3 after Spring Festival. However, she got a phone call from Beijing's Market Regulation Administration saying that it couldn't resume business for the time being. It wasn't until the Labor Day holiday that they finally reopened their doors to students.

Tianxiao said that in dance industry, March and April is the peak period in which people like to come and dance. Missing this period means a big loss of clients and students.

Another big challenge was paying rent: The studio's landlord didn't offer a rent reduction. Also, one of the teachers returned to her hometown and didn't come back.

The fact that a lot of small-scale dance studios in Beijing were forced to close down made their students worry. Tianxiao would send messages to the studio's group chat, telling students that they will be fine. When the studio finally reopened in May, the students all sent messages of congratulation.

"At this stage, each class is a full house. Everyone is very excited that they can finally come to dance," Tianxiao said.

After reopening, the studio needs to measure everyone's body temperature, which is a building requirement. Students also need to check in and register their names. The room has to be disinfected every day. The students are also required to wear masks. The teacher will pay attention to the physical condition of all students in case anyone may have trouble breathing while dancing with a mask on. Students also need to make reservations for classes since the number of places in each class is limited.

Tianxiao said these three-months felt like a long-vacation that she didn't enjoy at all.

"I am very excited that we can finally resume business. Seeing these students feels like seeing old friends and relatives. I'm also glad to see that everyone can enjoy their time dancing here."