8 pandas find new home in ancient town in central China

Eight pandas were moved from southwest China's Sichuan Province to their new home in Fenghuang County in central China's Hunan Province by special vehicles.

This is the first time the ancient town, also a popular tourist destination, has welcomed giant pandas.

Fenghuang County boasts more than 3,000 hectares of bamboo forest and an average annual temperature ranging from 12.6 to 16.7 degrees Celsius, making it a great habitat for giant pandas.

To provide a good living environment for the new arrivals, Fenghuang has built a panda theme park. There will be 16 professional keepers to take care of the pandas in the park.

Before the transportation, the eight pandas were placed under observation in the giant panda protection center, where they are in good health.

Teng Qiong, director of Fenghuang County Forestry Bureau, said that the pandas were transported in refrigerator trucks for their safety and comfort. A total of six trucks were rented, with four vehicles carrying two giant pandas each. One truck carried enough bamboo and bamboo shoots for five days and another empty truck was kept on standby.

Teng said that during the transportation, the trucks stopped at high-speed service areas for 30 minutes every three hours, and the keepers provided food and water for the pandas and carefully observed their health condition.

(Cover image a screenshot from the video)

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