Journal of Changbai Mountain Species: Yellow-throated marten

Yellow-throated martens, a species native to Asia, are swift and nimble. They actively patrol their territory and mainly hunt on the ground. Climbing trees is their special skill. Their diet consists of fruits, squirrels, and ground-nesting birds, such as pheasants. The omnivore usually hunts in pairs or more. In winter, they hunt musk deer by chasing it onto the ice.

It is widely distributed and listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Journal of Changbai Mountain Species

Changbai Mountain in northeastern China is the major mountain range in Northeast Asia. Volcano, glacier, and primitive forest have provided an ideal harbor for countless flora and fauna. To better protect wildlife, Changbai Mountain Nature Conservation Management Center has settled many infrared cameras in the mountains, and from its footage, we can learn more about the secret life of species living there in the Journal of Changbai Mountain Species.

(Cover image via VCG, video provided by Changbai Mountain Nature Conservation Management Center) 

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