Take a tour of 'Butterfly Valley' in southwest China

A valley in Shuanghe Village of Dali City in southwest China's Yunnan Province sees an "eruption" of numerous beautiful butterflies in each summer, thus earning the valley the nickname "Butterfly Valley."

Since the closure of some private small coal mines in the region 20 years ago, the ecological environment in the vicinity has significantly improved, paving the way for the coming of butterflies.

The 15-kilometer-long valley has seen an increasing number of butterflies since May 2000.

With a steadily increasing number of butterflies flocking to the valley annually in summer, this year seemed to have seen a peak.

Butterfly Valley is most famous for the white butterflies with black stripes. It is home to many species, of various sizes and colors.

The numerous butterflies fluttering colorful wings make it a natural wonder in the valley and beyond.

(Cover image via VCG)

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