Symptoms of COVID-19 you may not know
Updated 10:36, 28-Jun-2020

Did you know you can be infected by the coronavirus epidemic, without actually contracting the virus? Here are the symptoms. How many do you have?

Corona Cornea causes you to see sinister shadows everywhere. 5G towers. Lab leaks. Plandemic. None of this can be disproven. All you can do is point to simpler explanations. But with Corona Cornea, no matter how much light you shine there's always a new shadow.

Jaundiced Eye makes us look at outsiders with fear. We think they are carrying the virus... and ignore the biggest danger – the carriers within our midst. That might even be you, without you knowing it. The only cure is large-scale virus testing.

Snake oil seduction. Hucksters are touting magical elixirs ranging from Madagascar herbal drinks to untested medicines. Miracle cures are under your sink — beside the toilet scrubbers. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure – We have to wait for the scientists.

COVID finger – Everything is someone else's fault. This epidemic is like a giant fire. Some people are trying to put it out. Others are standing around blaming people. There will be plenty of time later to learn from our mistakes. For now, let's get to work

The Y2.02K bug – a fear that the end of the world is coming. First the coronavirus, next climate change. Maybe the pain from this can help us learn that cities, nations and even regions can cooperate to crush a danger.

The world faces a lot of problems. Environmental degradation, starvation, war, climate change. We can ignore them – but they won't go away.

A number of nations and regions have shown that people can work together, follow a science-based plan, and win.

Being selfish and ignoring science lead to disaster.

Working together, making personal sacrifices and trusting scientific experts pay off – big league.

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