Story of Fighting COVID-19: Life on an Irish houseboat amid COVID-19
Updated 13:14, 13-Jun-2020
Global Stringer

Fionn McArthur is a video journalist living in a house boat with his parents on the edge of Lough Gill, Sligo, Ireland. According to him, he and his parents have been living in the house boat for all the time and find it peaceful being surrounded by water and nature. Fionn mentioned that during the pandemic, they spend time surfing the internet. His mother and a few other local seamstresses have also started to make masks for help.

Due to the high risk for the older generation, Fionn decided that he would go out get groceries on a weekly basis instead of his parents. Fionn said they had the benefit of water transportation instead of public transportation to avoid social contact which helps to lower the risk. He mentioned that on the way to get groceries, the scenic route makes for some incredible views, and is a great way to take his mind off the problems of the outside world.