Live: Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with Li Ziqi and other top foodie influencers
Updated 16:59, 25-Jun-2020

To celebrate the annual Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Li Ziqi and other top foodie bloggers introduce holiday customs and the making of the festival's "Zongzi" delicacy – a glutinous rice dumpling.

Join us for the making of a "Zongzi" dumpling, including the preparation of its ingredients such as bamboo leaves, glutinous rice and other fillings, and find out the difference between Zongzi from the north and the south of China; one is salty, one is sweet.

Li Ziqi is a foodie influencer with millions of followers who shares videos in an exquisite way, depicting Chinese countryside life in a manner which stirs people's yearning for a rural lifestyle and fondness for Chinese traditional culture.