Let's make zongzi, the traditional food of Dragon Boat Festival
Global Stringer

Duanwujie or Dragon Boat Festival – a traditional celebration first observed over 2,000 years ago in China – falls on the 5th day of the the 5th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is June 25 this year, and that means you need to eat the delicacy: zongzi.

You may recognize zongzi by their pyramid shape and bamboo leaf wrapping. They seem like a pretty simple food, with only a few ingredients and relatively simple preparation, but just how easy are they to make? And why do Chinese people eat zongzi during the festival?

Andy Boreham, a New Zealander living in Shanghai, headed out to one of Shanghai's ancient towns and sat down with a local zongzi maker to try for himself.

Check out Andy's vlog as he tries his best to make a pork zongzi, just in time for the Dragon Boat Festival.