Answer Bank: Is it safe for kids to play outside during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Although COVID-19 remains a threat, many countries are considering reopening schools and public places. But is it really safe right now for kids to play outside?

Unfortunately, it's still not 100 percent safe outside, as many places around the world are still reporting new daily cases.

To cut down the risk of infection, the safest choice is to reduce the chances of person-to-person contact.

If kids feel bored inside the house: Try some indoor games. Playing with Legos, having a cartoon marathon or reading books can also be fun. Better give up the idea of holding parties for kids but they can always video chat with their best buddies.

If kids want some fresh air: Going outside can be great for physical and mental health. But please avoid crowded areas and say no to group activities. The best choice is playing in parks, backyard or other open spaces. When going to public areas, wear a mask and keep at least two meters of space between others. Don't forget to take some hand sanitizer to let them clean hands often.

And don't touch anything. No playing on playground equipment, sharing balls or touching any other items. You don't know who has touched it or when.

Also, don't touch let kids touch their eyes, nose or mouth before cleaning hands.

Last but not the least, here's a quick reminder: Stay calm and keep an eye on local cases. If you notice any signs of COVID-19 symptoms in your kid, seek early health care and follow recommendations of your local health authority.

Stay safe and healthy and remember that distance only stops the virus, not love.

(Video filmed by Zhang Yi and Zhao Jing; Cover image designed by Li Jingjie)