Five Chinese opera styles join forces in the 'Leifeng Pagoda' performance for the Dragon Boat Festival

Hangzhou City in east China's Zhejiang Province hosted a special performance of the famous dance drama "Leifeng Pagoda" for the Dragon Boat Festival, presented in five different opera styles.

The performance was held on the evening of June 25 in Hangzhou Theater. The Chinese classical dance drama "Leifeng Pagoda" is based on the well-known Chinese folk story "The Legend of the White Snake," a classic in Chinese culture, ever since a TV series, based on the legend, was released in 1992.

Five episodes in the famous drama, "Houhu," "Duanyang," "Daocao," "Shuidou," and "Duanqiao" were performed by Huangmei Opera, Wuxi Opera, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, and Wu Opera, respectively. 

One of the important drama scenes during the Dragon Boat Festival consists of the heroine, Bai Niang Zi, scaring her husband Xu Xian with her snake-like shape after drinking the Realgar wine (Xionghuang wine), a Chinese alcoholic drink that consists of Huangjiu (yellow rice wine). In order to save her husband, Bai Niang Zi went on a venture to steal the fairy grass.   

The five styles used in the "Leifeng Pagoda" gave the audiences a colorful artistic experience and vibe. The Huangmei Opera "Youhu" has a soft and fresh singing style; the Wuxi Opera "Duanyang" owns twists and turns plots; the Wu Opera "Duanqiao" presents unique artistic characteristics, and its artistic value has enjoyed a good reputation for nearly 60 years. 

(Cover photo via VCG)