Bush lily: A plant that can be your drinking buddy
By Xu Chenlu

Who does not like a glass of beer on a hot summer day? Though it's impossible to gather your friends for an unplanned party at short notice, you can still share your beer with some "friends" that live right in your home. As a wonderful plant that can bloom with beautiful and delicate flowers in orange or yellow during June and July, Bush lily can be an ideal "drinking buddy" of yours.

Bush lily is native to South Africa. The flowers are showy in red, orange or yellow, sometimes sending forth a faint but sweet scent. When the plant is not blooming, the thick, dark green and shiny leaves are still very attractive for gardeners. In China, the flower is called by "junzi orchid," as the plant's beautiful leaves and flowers are considered noble, just like the "junzi" (means gentleman in English) in Chinese culture.

Bush lily cannot tolerate frost and cold. It grows well in the warm and coastal climate. Therefore, if you want to plant it outdoor, be prepared with a series of problems. It will be easy to grow in a pot at home, with regular watering and partial sun.

The reason to call the bush lily as "drinking buddy" is because it can be fertilized by diluted beer. The elements in beer, especially carbon dioxide, protein, and sugar produced while fermenting grains, will make the plant thrive during blooming season. You can also spray the diluted beer on the leaves to make them shinier. If you plan to keep one, remember to save some beer for this beautiful "friend"!

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