China to further improve disabled children's learning


China's Ministry of Education has issued a guideline on improving the work on disabled children's learning in regular classes for compulsory education.

The document aims to remove obstacles that keep disabled children from learning in regular classes and enhance the quality of education for such children.

It highlights a sounder assessment and verification mechanism for disabled students, which will decide whether a disabled child is fit for a regular class.

The database for middle school and primary school students should be fully utilized to make sure that children with learning disabilities but at the ages eligible for compulsory education, do not drop out of school, according to the guideline.

As for the quality of education, the document stresses sound adjustments to teaching content and methods designed on disabled students' conditions. It encourages customized teaching schemes to help them improve independent living.

It also calls for more specific evaluations of disabled students in regular classes, which underline their social adaptation and work abilities.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency