Chinese trumpet vine: Showy but not delicate warmth lover
Xu Chenlu

During the hot summer, most of the plants that are flowering need a partial shade to avoid it burning, but for the plants like the Chinese trumpet vine, the hot sun light fulfills its zesty need of warmth.

Chinese trumpet vine, also known as the Chinese trumpet creeper, is a woody vine native to eastern and southeastern China. With large, showy flower in orange or red, the plant will blossom throughout the summer for a spectacular floral display. In the area of the Yangtze River basin, the flower is widely grown for ornamental purposes.

For gardeners that hope to grow it, here are some tips: This plant is not as aggressive as the native American trumpet vine which looks similar to this plant. Growing the Chinese trumpet vine in your garden will not likely destroy your other plants.

The plant loves medium moisture and well-drained soils. Be sure to provide it with full sun or partial shade as shortage in sun light will disappoint this warmth lover. You can build up fences for it to climb, but it is also good for walls and arbors.

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