How a young 'slasher' from Hong Kong gained a foothold in Beijing

29-year-old Han Yan is among the "slasher youth" generation, known for forsaking traditional forms of employment. Despite studying sociology, he wanted to find career fulfillment and experimented by juggling multiple jobs. That's when he discovered he liked being in the creative field.

When he arrived in Beijing for the first time on a traveling trip after graduation, he was not only impressed by the culture and art atmosphere in the city but also the wider streets and open space. So he decided to stay. Throughout the years, he worked as a model, fitness instructor, and actor to meet his financial and creative needs. 

Now seven years passed, he has gained a foothold in Beijing by stepping into interior design industry, an area that he excels and has been devoting himself. Even if he hadn't thought it would happen so soon, as he approaches his 30s, he has set up his own company.

"I feel a new beginning coming towards me, I am running to it, it's time to write a new story," said Han Yan.