Fun & Fashion Art Show gathers cutting-edge artworks
By Ding Siyue

The Fun and Fashion Art Show, a treat for pop art fans, is being held in Beijing, featuring works by over 30 artists from home and abroad, such as KAWS, Daniel Arsham and Hajime Sorayama.

The show devotes a big section to toys, which have gained huge popularity among Chinese youngsters.

"I'm really into art toys like Molly and Pucky, that's why I chose to come to this exhibition. I'm really impressed that they've gathered so many really strong artists. I think it was great," said one visitor.

Apart from toys, the exhibition also gives visitors a chance to enjoy cutting-edge works by Chinese and foreign artists, ranging from paintings and sculptures to comics and games.

The Fun and Fashion Art Show is a treat for pop art fans. /CGTN

The Fun and Fashion Art Show is a treat for pop art fans. /CGTN

"I want to recommend to visitors the works by our Chinese young artists, like Chi Lei, Wang Jia'nuo and Bai Yiyi. I think they have a bright future since their works are both creative and have a global perspective," said Jin Dongfang, founder of FAS Space.

The organizers have put huge effort into the arrangement of the exhibition. They believe that while gathering the artwork is one thing, placing the exhibits in a way that is appropriate and makes audiences feel comfortable is just as important.

The art show has also invited several famous collectors who have brought unique, out-of-print pieces in their collection for decades.

Jin said combining art with life will be the trend of the future. Art will not only be something you can only admire in museums and galleries, but gradually become something appearing in every aspect of your life.

"I think more and more young people in China have chosen to make collecting art a part of their lives. Even though the number of visitors to the exhibition has been lower due to the pandemic, online sales have not been affected, and many of our products have been sold out," she added.

The exhibition runs until July 19.