Mainland: DPP's mainland media suppression exposes 'hypocrisy of press freedom'

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)'s unreasonable suppression on normal reporting activities of media and reporters from the Chinese mainland has exposed the hypocrisy of their self-styled advocating of press freedom, said a Chinese mainland spokesperson on Friday.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, made the remarks after the DPP authority in Taiwan claimed two Chinese mainland TV reporters were suspected of violating local regulations and asked them to leave the island.

News exchange is an important bridge to spread cross-Straits information, enhance mutual understanding between compatriots on both sides, and promote emotional integration, the spokesperson noted. 

The rights of mainland's reporters on the island should be protected, said Zhu.

The DPP authority is targeting the normal news reporting of the Chinese mainland media in Taiwan, she pointed out, saying that the mainland media's interviews have been seriously interfered with, and the rights of the reporters were also affected.

Zhu has urged the DPP to stop unreasonable activities. "Otherwise, all the consequences arising therefrom must be borne entirely by them," she warned.