Facts Tell: Will poverty disappear in China after 2020?
Updated 16:58, 07-Jul-2020

China's quest to eliminate extreme poverty by 2020 is a headline-grabbing story. And while it might sound like an impossible mission, it's anything but. In China, over 750 million people have shaken off poverty, and among them, more than 93 million have done so in the past seven years alone. Successive governments have pledged that China's economic miracle would change the fortunes of all Chinese, with no exception – and the anti-poverty campaign has been in place for over four decades to see this promise through. But does this mean that China will have no people in need after 2020? What are the criteria needed to be met to end extreme poverty? Ending absolute poverty is not an end goal for China. Check this episode of Facts Tell to find out the next for China's poverty alleviation drive.