Morning glory: greeting the sun with vivacity
By Xu Chenlu

Summer is a good time for hiking, as the cool breeze in the mountains can ease the unbearable heat. If you are planning on hiking, you can also play a treasure-hunting game with the target of finding a beautiful trumpet-shaped flower that blooms in summer and autumn. This flower is called the morning glory.

The morning glory got its name because it usually opens into full bloom in the early morning. The plant has heart-shaped leaves and delicate trumpet-shaped flowers that grow on vines. Over 1,000 species of flowering plants share this common name, which means there are many variations with different colors ranging from blue and purple to pink for one to enjoy.

The morning glory is native to the Americas and flourishes in tropical and subtropical zones. Most of the species can grow very fast, even in poor and dry soil. In China, the plant can be found everywhere, except for in the northern region where the weather is too cold for it to thrive.

If you have a garden with a fence or arbor, the morning glory would make an excellent decoration, easy and quick. The plant germinates from a seed and flourishes in plenty of sunshine. Well-drained and fertile soil is best for it, and it prefers watering once or twice during the dry period. This vine might become a little aggressive if you do not cut it back or remove the seed pods. But except for this, it is still attractive with the showy and colorful flowers.

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