China releases third batch of 100 audio texts for 150 million students

The third batch of 100 audio recordings of Chinese-language textbooks, which were recorded by anchors and hosts from China Media Group (CMG), were released in Beijing on Sunday.

The "Audio Library for Primary and Middle School Students: Season 3" was co-launched by CMG, the Ministry of Education and the National Languages Committee.

More than 100 A-list anchors, hosts and top-level technicians from CMG participated in the production of the audio files, which cover all the compulsory articles in the Chinese-language textbooks used by primary and secondary school students.

The audio library project aims to produce high-quality, high-level listening materials of Chinese-language textbooks, through which students can get a deeper understanding of the content and appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language.

Since the first batch of audio recordings were released in May 2018, about 150 million primary and secondary school students and more than 9 million teachers nationwide have benefited from the project. Until now, a total of 200 audio files have been released.

The recordings are available on numerous media platforms including,, CRI Online, the Department of Language Application and Administration of the Ministry of Education's official website,, and CNR News app.

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