AKB48 Takita Kayoko tests positive for coronavirus

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread in Japan. 

AKB48 announced on its official website on Monday that its 23-year-old Team B member, Takita Kayoko, has tested positive for coronavirus. At present, her symptoms are mild and likely to be hospitalized on July 20. She is the first COVID-19 confirmed case of AKB48.

According to reports from Japanese media, including Kyodo News and DailySports, Takita started to have a fever on July 9, but the next day her symptoms eased and decided for home isolation.

But Takita lost her sense of taste and smell, also a symptom of the infection, on July 11. Then she decided to take the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test on July 18, with a positive result. At present, Takita is under self-isolation at home and planning to get hospitalized on July 20.

Takita Kayoko was in contact with another AKB48 Team 4 member Tatsuya Makiho on July 2. Since she did not visit the office and AKB48 Theater, other AKB48 idols' activities and schedules remained unchanged.

(Cover: Takita Kayoko. /Japan's DailySports)