Beijing reactivates sports venues and activities
Li Chenqi

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports released a file on Tuesday evening, informing that the sports venues and activities are allowed to run since the city lowered the level of emergency response to COVID-19 from Level II to Level III on Monday.

According to the file, a sports activity with less than 500 participants could be held normally, and if the number passes 500, the activity should be audited by local government's COVID-19 pandemic management organizations in advance.

The file requires each sports venue to limit the people to 50 percent of its capacity, and all people must reserve the places remotely before using it. Besides, people are required to strictly keep the distance when doing sports activities, and operators of the sports venues should disinfect the sites and equipment properly.

Face masks and body temperature check are required in any other public places, and the time for sporting is suggested to be no more than two hours.

(Cover: Beijing Ditan Stadium, Beijing, China, May 13, 2020. /CFP)