Statue of Liberty reopens as New York City hits phase 4

As New York City started phase 4 of its reopening Monday, some of the city's most famous tourist attractions opened to visitors for the first time since March.

Visitors trickled on to the Statue of Liberty ferry, but most said it seemed a little weird to be doing tourist activities.

"It feels very weird to be a tourist. It's not exactly what we would have wanted but we're trying to, as much as we can, take precautions to make sure that we stay safe and that we're not endangering anybody here," said Ethan Ghozali, a tourist from Florida.

"It's a freeing moment because we were in lockup for so long. And this is like ... the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the freedom. And today's the first day, so we wanted to greet her," said Bo Szwec, a visitor from Jersey City.

New York City didn't open malls or museums as originally expected in phase 4. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said most indoor activities will be delayed.

The rest of New York state is in phase 4, which typically permits opening malls and certain arts and entertainment centers and restarting professional sports games without fans. But Cuomo said no "additional indoor activity" will open in New York in the fourth phase because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus indoors.

Cuomo hasn't allowed New York City to open up indoor dining, unlike the rest of the state.

(With input from AP and AFP)