Report: Chinese Embassy to U.S. receives bomb threat
Chinese and U.S. flags. /Reuters

Chinese and U.S. flags. /Reuters

The Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy to the U.S. reported receiving a bomb threat from an unidentified number on Monday, Chinese media the Paper reported.

According to the Paper, the caller dialed the office's telephone number several times and hung up immediately after an official picked up.

In the final phone call, the caller, purportedly male, asked whether he had reached the "Chinese Embassy Visa Office?" When an officer on duty replied affirmatively, he went on to say "Do you know what's in your lobby?" before mimicking the sound of an explosion and hanging up.

At an earlier Chinese Foreign Ministry's press conference on Wednesday, spokesperson Wang Wenbin also mentioned repeated bomb and death threats the Chinese embassy and consulates in the U.S. have received recently.

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Chinese Embassy to the U.S. received a death threat mail on March 21 this year, the Paper reported quoting source familiar with this matter.

The number of insulting mails received by the embassy also surged recently, said the source, adding the Chinese embassy and consulates in the U.S. have reinforced its security measures accordingly.