False spirea: The 'delicate version of plum blossom'
Updated 15:45, 28-Jul-2020
By Xu Chenlu

The Plum blossom is a famous and beautiful flower that has been cultivated in China for about 3,000 years and is steeped in cultural meanings for the Chinese people. The love for plum blossoms is not only contained for this species alone, but also other species that share similarities with the plum blossom. The false spirea is one of them.

False spirea, also known as the Sorbaria false spirea, is a sprawling deciduous shrub that is native to northeast China and areas including Russia, the DPRK and Japan. It is distributed in bushes at about 250 to 1,500 meters above sea level. The plant produces deep green foliage and tiny, frothy white flowers from July to August. The display of the flower is similar to plum blossom, thus this flower is called "pearl plum blossom" in Chinese.

False spirea is very common in gardens for ornamental purpose. It is quite easy to grow since it is not picky about soil, temperature and moisture. Of course, if you want the plant to grow better, make sure the soil is moist during dry seasons. As the plant is resistant to drought and chill, no extra care is needed.

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