Luminous Festival focuses on inclusive arts in China
Updated 22:44, 29-Jul-2020
Ding Siyue

The second Luminous Festival is underway in southern China's Xiamen city. It is China's first non-profit event that focuses on inclusive arts.

Inclusive art attempts to connect different groups, encourage the disabled, the elderly, and marginalized people to create and make their voices heard. 

The theme of this year's festival is "inclusiveness"... and it's bringing together artworks from around the world.

Poster of Luminous Festival. /Photo courtesy of organizes.

Poster of Luminous Festival. /Photo courtesy of organizes.

The performances include shows from China, the UK, France, Germany and Japan. It focuses on issues facing the disabled, marginalized groups, and working women. There are a variety of performances, including theater creation, impromptu dance, and dance film.

The Luminous sharing section invites artists to explain their creative intentions and working methods, as well as their understanding of inclusive art.

Meanwhile, as an important unit of this year's festival, the Luminous Tea Forum will hold online discussions on the cooperation between art and local communities. The forum gathers representatives from public welfare organizations, cultural and art institutions, as well as independent artists, to discuss the future of inclusive arts.

"We believe that art has great power. We use art as a method of communication and therapy, to unite the people in society and to provide platform for the disabled people and minorities. Through Luminous Festival, we want to deliver the value of inclusiveness and the connection of inclusive arts," says Dew Ge, founder of Beijing Body On and On Culture Center.

Last year, the Luminous Festival was held under the theme of "disability-led arts." It discussed the conceptual and artistic power of inclusive arts with Chinese audiences. 

This year, the festival has forged closer cooperation with public welfare organizations, and aims to explore the future development of inclusive art in China and methods of interaction with local communities. 

Inclusive art is still a new concept in China, but organizers hope that through their efforts, more and more people can realize the importance of this art form and create more possibilities.