Panda Mao Zhu gets two cakes for its sixth birthday and visitors

"I am six years old now, the same age as Mao Zhu. I am very happy to share Mao Zhu's birthday cake," said Chen Jingyi, a kid.

Giant panda Mao Zhu celebrated its sixth birthday with tourists in Kunming City, southwest China's Yunnan Province on Sunday. Staff members prepared an ice cake with fruits and vegetables, and a cream cake for the special day. 

Decorated with six bamboo shoots as candles, the ice cake was made from frozen juice, fresh fruits and vegetables. More than 50 visitors came to the celebration and sang a birthday song. Mao Zhu also "shared" the cream cake with its visitors.

According to a staff member of the giant panda pavilion of Yunnan Wildlife Park, this is the first birthday after Mao Zhu becomes an adult. Mao Zhu was born in 2014 at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base and moved to its new home in Yunnan in 2016. Its mother, Mao Mao, is the inspiration for the Beijing Olympic mascot "Jingjing."

(Cover image via VCG)

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