Live: Spectacular show of Tibetan Opera 'Sukyi Nyima'

Lhamo is an ancient form of Tibetan folk music and dance performance that can be compared to the Western art form of opera. "Sukyi Nyima" ("Radiant as the Sun") is one of eight common stories in the traditional Lhamo repertoire. Grounded in Buddhism, "Sukyi Nyima" features a plot and elements befitting of German fairytale. It tells the story of a beautiful young lady, Sukyi Nyima, said to be the daughter of a deer after drinking magic spring water, as she becomes the king's concubine.

In this livestream, CGTN reporter Tao Yuan brings you scenes from the spectacular Lhamo, Sukyi Nyima, and talks about how this opera embodies Tibetan culture. We will also meet the renowned Gyaiwa Tibetan Opera Troupe of Litang County.