Urumqi officials say food supply stable amid COVID-19 outbreak
By Sun Ye

Urumqi officials said on Wednesday that the city's food supply is stable and prices are reasonable amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Several hundred tons of lamb and beef, and vegetables and flour, among others, will be in ample supply for the next two weeks and available at stable prices, said officials.

"As of now, the supply is stable in Urumqi with no price hikes," Yan Jun, director of the Urumqi Bureau of Commerce (Food Bureau), said at the city's regular press briefing on Wednesday.

"To meet people's demand, we are upping the supply and will ensure everyone has affordable and quality meat. When it goes on sale, the price will be subsidized," Yan said.

Yan also said each resident could buy 5 kilogram of such meat every day.

As the city is reeling from a COVID-19 outbreak, the meat will not be sold through regular retail outlets.

"We are drawing up special plans to distribute the meat," said Yan. "Designated vendors will go into neighborhood compounds at set times or neighborhood communities can order and collect the meat in bulk."

The Food Bureau's detailed plan on food supply stands as a good answer to some foreign media outlets' claim that lamb and beef supplies are restricted in the city.

Demand for lamb and beef is expected to rise over the weekend as the Corban Festival, also known as Eid al-Adha, falls on July 31 this year. People in Xinjiang have a holiday starting Thursday.

The Chinese health authority said Thursday that it received reports of 105 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland Wednesday, including 102 domestically transmitted cases and three imported ones. Ninety-six of the 102 domestically transmitted cases were reported in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.